CMSB2 Research projects

The research programme focuses on Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, depression, migraine and the metabolic syndrome. Combining advanced DNA analysis, epidemiology and systems biology is the central key to establish genetic and molecular relationships between these apparently diverse disorders.

Furthermore, the platform 'immunity’ will focus on the connecting role of abnormal immunity in these five diseases and immune-related cancer. Underpinning these thematic platforms, a horizontal, enabling platform operates called DIAL, (i.e. Data Integration, Analysis and Logistics), develops and implements the bioinformatics and biostatistical support tools. With the advent of high-throughput technologies and broadening of medical testing and screening, genomics has an ever-increasing impact on society. The societal aspects of genomics are subject of study in our MAG programme (Maatschappelijke Aspecten van Genomics), funded in the context of the research programme of the Centre for Society and Life Sciences.

CMSB2 involves forty-one projects in work packages 1 to 7 and nine projects in the CMSB-MAG programme (WP8). As our genomics work has led to significant spin off results outside the main fields, a work package WP9 has been added: 'other CMSB research’.