Connecting Development and Late Life Health

Monday 12 - Wednesday 14 October 2015 Stadsgehoorzaal, Leiden, The Netherlands

Connecting Development and Late Life Health – Epigenetic mechanisms and beyond
The aim of the conference is to integrate the expertise of medical health care professionals and basic researchers in the field of development, childhood behavior, adult health and ageing. Attendants will learn about a range of early life exposures leading to childhood, adult or late life consequences and clinical problems. The current evidence that early life exposures cause late life consequences will be evaluated in the light of theories such as the Barker hypothesis. Furthermore it will be discussed how this early-late life link may be explained through the most up to date knowledge of genome biology and epigenetic regulation. Ideally, these discussions result in consensus of suitable study designs to investigate the early-late life links and in notion how the current knowledge may contribute to an understanding of and solutions for the clinical problems encountered.

Topics include
• Effect of Prenatal Exposures to Diet, Infections, Assisted Reproductive Technologies
• Lifelong Effects on Immunity, Metabolism, Reproduction, Growth, and Transferred to Next Generations
• Epigenetic Mechanisms
• Clinical Relevance

Confirmed speakers
Program day 1 – Monday October 12, 2015
• Mark Hanson, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK
• Anastasia Nyman, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
• Urs Meyer, ETH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland
• Bastiaan Heijmans, LUMC, Leiden, the Netherlands
• Ruth Müller, Munich Center for Technology in Society, Munich, Germany
Program day 2 – Tuesday October 13, 2015
• Sicco Scherjon, UMCG, Groningen, the Netherlands
• Christianne de Groot, VUMC, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
• Kaare Christensen, South Denmark University, Odense, Denmark
• Bas Zwaan, WUR, Wageningen, the Netherlands
• David Gems, UCL, London, UK
• Wilma Steegenga, WUR, Wageningen, the Netherlands
• Karen Lillycrop, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK
• Denis Duboule, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
• George Davey Smith, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK
-Program day 3 – Wednesday October 14, 2015-
• Eline Slagboom, LUMC, Leiden, the Netherlands
• Ingrid Meulenbelt, LUMC, Leiden, the Netherlands
• Laurent Sachs, CNRS, Paris, France
• Henk Stunnenberg, Radboud UMC, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Organising committee
• Eline Slagboom, LUMC, Leiden the Netherlands
• Bas Zwaan, WUR, Wageningen, the Netherlands
• Kitty Bloemenkamp, LUMC, Leiden, the Netherlands
• Bastiaan Heijmans, LUMC, Leiden, the Netherlands
• Marian Beekman, LUMC, Leiden, the Netherlands

More information and registration
For full details and more information please got to IDEAL Congress