Mobile DNA labs

The mobile DNA labs started in 2005 as an initiative of the CBSG (Centre for BioSystems Genomics), the Wageningen plant genomics NGI Centre of Excellence, and was extended in 2006 to the four initial NGI Centres of Excellence, coordinated by CSG. The projects consist of practical lessons on DNA research that travel around the country visiting classes in the upper forms of secondary schools, free of charge. These courses allow pupils to get to grips with the latest technologies and issues in modern-day DNA and genetic research.

There are five different DNA-labs that each deal with a different aspect of modern DNA research. The labs demonstrate that knowledge of our genes and the molecules within a cell play an important role in areas that affect us all: food, health and the environment. The teaching materials focus in-depth on the social aspects of DNA research.

Health or disease: a fold the wrong way

In collaboration with Leiden University, CMSB has developed the DNA lab ‘Gezond of ziek: een vouwtje verkeerd (‘Health or disease: a fold the wrong way’). The course is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Matthieu Noteborn, organised by Ing. Patrick Voskamp and run by students. The CMSB mobile DNA practical course gives high school students as well as teachers an opportunity to encounter the genetic causatives of protein-folding diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis and Alzheimer’s disease. As important, the general and ethical aspects of genomics research are also discussed during these courses.

For more information and registration for one of the courses, please visit the mobile DNA labs website (in Dutch)